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Hemp Tips

Cones 3-Pack

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Cones used for rolling outside of rolling papers

Variety pack of 3 Cones

Comes in a 3-size variety pack - Mini, Long and Wide




Ships within 3-10 days of purchase

'Scuse me while I roll up

Enjoy a vertically green smoking experience with our latest and greatest Hemp Tips!

Tips - Go on the inside of your rolls (Click here for rolling instructional)

Cones - Go on the outside of your rolls, unlike the traditional tips that go on the inside of your rolls.

Bulk - Large packs of tips of anywhere from 50 - 500 tips & cones. Check them out here!

Smoke all the way down to the tip ☁️

Reusable, Biodegradable, and all-natural.

Our top-of-the-line Hemp-based products are dedicated to a vertically green smoking experience. Hemp Tips are handcrafted in Colorado with an all-natural hemp-based filament. Our tips are highly durable and can weather tough climates while maintaining functionality and biodegradability. Dropped it off a ledge while rolling up? It's all good. Forgot it in the washer/dryer after a long day? No worries.

You won't have to deal with flimsy cardboard or foggy glass tips again.